DIYC 2020 application is now open.

See you there

As a representative from UTM, we felt that DIYC was really meaningful to us, it [was] not like any other camps that we have participated in before – it focused more on the self and the individual. It was a complete journey where, as students from different backgrounds, we worked together as a team, to learn and find solutions to different issues and then we reflected and learned to improve ourselves and then come up with action plans. So I feel that it was a complete and fulfilling journey

Dinesh Arumugam, DIYC 2016

Diversity is very important because this is a big world. Each continent has very different cultures, languages and religions [and] I think there is not so much diversity [and] this is [an] issue. If we choose to be more tolerant and to be more respectful of other religions I think the conflicts can be stopped.

Diversity for me – D means dream, I is individual, V is value, I is inclusion, R is respect, S is selection, T is teamwork, Y is yes which means a positive attitude.

I trust and I believe in diversity.

Li De Yu, DIYC 2016