Living in a Diversified Campus

The DIYC 2017 participants have co-organized a workshop “Living in a Diversified Campus” with the Counselling Centre. It is a workshop series for first semester INTI Students to have an experience on what diversity is all about and how it works. By having this workshop for the first semester students, they are able to utilize what they have learnt by applying in their campus life. The working committees and facilitators of this workshop consisted of the past and present DIYC camp participants. The venue for this workshop was held at INTI Multi-Purpose Hall with total participants of 240. The event started off with an introduction of the ambassadors that attended the DIYC camp then moving on to ice-breaker activity, and followed by an interactive session about ‘What is Diversity?’

A brief sharing of some Diversity Key Concepts are brought up to the awareness level for the new students, as many may find it unfamiliar . In this session, the counsellor gave an insight of what diversity is, the iceberg rule and how it is connected and related to the campus living. The camp ambassadors were given opportunities in holding different slots in sharing about what have been learnt at the camp. Instead of playing Imam & Pastor , Zootopia clips were played at the workshop. We relate the content of the video to Diversity & Inclusion.

Later in the evening, we had a Grand Iftar together with all the participants along with ambassadors and INTI’s management team. Dinner started off with a short message by our very own Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Dr Rahmah. When it was time to break fast, our Ambassador Afnan recited prayer. Dinner was serve on a tray also known as Nasi Dulang which was shared among four people for each tray. The reason we did this way is because we want to show the importance of sharing and also the spirit of brotherhood. By eating together from the same tray also shows that we are all equal regardless our background and status. The night ended by taking group picture together.

DIYC 2017 Vlog

This VBlog was prepared by Donney Jasmi from KDU University College.

Diversity and Inclusion Individual Experience

Diversity and Inclusion Night

Voices from Participant