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An organizational development consultant, intercultural and diversity management trainer, and facilitator to multinational, governmental and non-governmental organisations, Dr. Hamidah Marican has over 20 years working with companies like Intel, Shell and BP. Her last corporate role was as Asia Pacific Regional Manager-Diversity & Inclusion at BP.She has lived and worked in many countries such as China, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Papua, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, UAE, UK, Costa Rica, USA, Singapore, & Brunei in addition to her native Malaysia. Her broad cultural experience is a valuable personal resource in providing important insights of the cultural nuances that get in the way of being effective in the global workplace.

Hamidah mentors, advises, and coaches leaders on key strategy issues that improve market performance and gross profits through focusing on Inclusive leadership skills and respectful workplace. Her early involvement with Diversity & Inclusion at the workplace in Asia has made her a much sought after resource and speaker at many international and local conferences. She champions and provides coaching and advice to Human Resource Managers on the development of under-represented group and talent pool which includes women in the workplace.
Hamidah sees herself as a thinking partner, organizational strategist and dialogue host with leaders in business, government, and civil society encouraging authentic inclusive leadership style. In delivering learning workshops and facilitation, Hamidah uses Appreciative Inquiry, Dialogue, Collective Group Wisdom, World Cafe, ORID and other engagement tools to enrich the experience.

She has been a speaker, facilitator and moderator at a number of Women’s conferences organized by the Malaysia Women’s Ministry in the UAE and the US and has facilitated group discussions at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. She has also been featured as an Inspiring Woman in many local women’s magazines and appears on local TV and Radio network participating in dialogue on Culture and Gender.

Hamidah has delivered basic Human Rights awareness workshops in collaboration with the New Straits Times NIE program in 2001 for secondary school students in Malaysia. She is also the core facilitator for the Living Values Educational Program endorsed by the UNESCO. In February 2010 Hamidah presented a paper on “State of Human Rights Defenders in Malaysia” and was part of the speaker group that visited the White House and met with President Obama of the United States.

Hamidah comes from a cross cultural background, born and raised in Malaysia. She is fluent in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Punjabi and Urdu.

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Patricia Rita Nunis is a Certified Professional Facilitator who has over 30 years of experience in community work, people development, facilitation and training.Patricia is the Founder and Principal Consultant of HarmonyWorks Sdn Bhd which focuses on facilitation and consulting in change interventions and service culture development. In this capacity, Patricia has completed projects for premier private healthcare organizations, statutory boards, manufacturing companies and other corporate and non-profit organizations.  Whilst most of her work has been in Malaysia, Patricia has had opportunities to work in Singapore and, also, to co-facilitate cross culturally with groups of varied cultural backgrounds.

Patricia has over 10 years in community / rehabilitation services with the MRCS-UNHCR and the Good Shepherd Sisters rehabilitation centers. She moved to corporate training in an international bank in 1989, then, held the post of T&D Manager in a premier private healthcare facility for 8 years. HarmonyWorks was launched in 2001, and it focuses on the use of neuro-linguistic programming, accelerated learning, multiple intelligences and facilitation to bring out the best from adult learners.  Participants appreciate Pat’s open and easy facilitative style which promotes interaction and useful discussions. She brings creativity and high visual impact with the use of accelerated learning techniques and methods.

Since 2008, Patricia has grown her practice to include large and small group facilitation processes used in strategic planning, needs analysis and organisational review exercises.  She is practices in applying both quantitative and qualitative processes as listed below in the organisations concerned.

  1.   Subang Jaya Medical Centre (in her capacity as Training Manager) / 1997 – 2001
    Organisation-wide Training Needs Analysis both at department manager levels and individual levels using individual questionnaires and focus groups. TNA was done every 2 years, with a review yearly. Tracking was both individually and department monitored.  During this period there were 2 full TNA completed and 2 yearly reviews. Staff force was 1000 employees.
  2. Gleneagles Medical Centre (as an independent consultant) / 2002
    Department Level TNA with department heads using a questionnaire combined with focus group discussions. Department managers numbered above 50, and there were 4 meetings.
  3. 2006:  Sunway Medical Centre Organizational Review / 2006
     Secondary data using skills matrix based on performance review – report submitted for a 3 year     developmental plan (2006-2008).  Staff force was then under 800.
  4.  Villamaria Kindergarten Teachers and Staff Organizational Review / 2008
     Focus group exercise using Appreciative Inquiry and planning processes. Group size was 20 including     principal, director and support staff and teachers
  5. Sisters in Islam TNA & Job Review / 2009
    Individual needs analysis via one to one interviews and review of job descriptions.  Total number interviewed was 12.
  6. Fondacio Community (a church based society) / 2011
    Focus group TNA done for work review purposes.  Group size was 15.
  7. AOHD Women’s Desk – Women’s Assembly 2012 
  8. Diversity & Inclusion Youth Camp for University Level Students –
    Inaugural session in 2012, followed  by repeat sessions in 2013 and 2014.
  9. Management, Leadership and Communication skills workshops for multinationals  – Shell, Friesland  Campina Malaysia. / 2013
  10.  Facilitator Development Training Workshops for the Malaysian Government – Ministry of Human Resources

Patricia is currently the President of the Malaysian Association of Facilitators and the Communications Head of the Regional Leadership Team of the International Association of Facilitators. She is active in promoting and growing facilitation practice in Malaysia.

Patricia firmly believes that every person is unique and has the capacity to be self directed and fully alive and productive in their different life choices.

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