Conference Council

DIYC International Peace and Security Council

Theme: The Prospect and Challenges For Peace Against Terrorism”

Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism – The movement work on preventing and countering violent extremism reflects the importance of having a comprehensive approach in preventing all forms of extremism as an effort in ending violence. In line with the goals of the UN PVE Action Plan, the movement works with various stakeholders – government and non-governmental organizations, academicians, community leaders – traditional and non-traditional actors in coming up with ‘soft measures’ on Preventing Violent Extremism.

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DIYC Sustainable Development Council

Theme: Sustainable Development and Peace in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) in 2030

Sustainable Development – Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. By cultivating a sense of moderation, the movement promotes the strengthening of capabilities and opportunities to reduce poverty and marginalisation – focusing on the most vulnerable and excluded population groups – in ways that are deemed sustainable from the economic, social and environmental standpoints, bringing about real improvements in people’s lives.

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DIYC Human Rights Council

Theme: Mutual Understanding Religion and Culture in Promoting Peacful Coexistence

Managing Islamophobia – Acts of violence caused by terrorist groups in the name of religion, and the overwhelming display of migrants and refugees from the Middle East that have intensified in recent years have amplified unnecessary tensions between communities, leading to Islamophobia and a negative perception towards Islam. The Foundation undertakes proactive initiatives aimed at creating awareness and a better understanding of Muslims and Islam from the perspective of moderation.

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DIYC Governance and Rule of Law Council

Theme: Democracy And Good Governance As Tools To Development of Peace

Governance and Rule of Law – Democracy and the rule of law seek to promote moderation through better understanding of democratisation, and legalisation of disputes, especially with specific reference to international law.

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DIYC Education Council

Theme: Importance of The Rights for Education to Everyone in Promoting Education

Education has a tremendous impact on human perception, beliefs and values, as it is through education that human misperception and prejudice are deconstructed and where diversity is accepted and embraced. Thus equitable access to quality basic education is critical for international peace and security.

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DIYC Regional Groups Council

Theme: ASEAN Mechanism to Prevent Inter-state Conflict in the Region for Peaceful Coexistence

Conflict Resolution – Conflict resolution refers to the concerted and collective attempts to solve conflicts head-on, and seeks to reconcile divergent interests, identities and ideologies of all with the goal of fostering permanent and peaceful solutions via moderation.

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