As a representative from UTM, we felt that DIYC was really meaningful to us, it [was] not like any other camps that we have participated in before – it focused more on the self and the individual. It was a complete journey where, as students from different backgrounds, we worked together as a team, to learn and find solutions to different issues and then we reflected and learned to improve ourselves and then come up with action plans. So I feel that it was a complete and fulfilling journey

Dinesh Arumugam, DIYC 2016

I learned that we must not judge people based on how they look…After this camp I’ve started to realise that people are more than what they seem and if you talk to them and get to know them you realise that they can be different or similar to you.

Tuan Zeishan Dawood, DIYC 2016

On a personal level I have dealt with micro aggression and racism, and you start to get very bitter and very cynical and there’s a point where you get tired of trying to fight the message of hate with peace and love. ButDIYC showed me that if you want to create change you can’t hold on to that anger and resentment. You have to forgive in order to move on and to make a difference and spread the message of diversity and inclusion. That was one of the biggest things I’ve learned while I was here. 

DIYC has made me feel like there’s a community here. If all of us work together we can make a difference in the world. It’s going to take time and its going to be really hard but its happened before and it can happen again and we just need to keep moving forwards. So I do feel a lot more hopeful with all the support and respect I saw during this camp

Shanice van Zwienen, DIYC 2016

Diversity is very important because this is a big world. Each continent has very different cultures, languages and religions [and] I think there is not so much diversity [and] this is [an] issue. If we choose to be more tolerant and to be more respectful of other religions I think the conflicts can be stopped.

Diversity for me – D means dream, I is individual, V is value, I is inclusion, R is respect, S is selection, T is teamwork, Y is yes which means a positive attitude.

I trust and I believe in diversity.

Li De Yu, DIYC 2016

I’ve learned 2 things. I realised, and educated myself on the different kinds of prejudice, aside from the common race and gender. I also learned that not all discrimination, towards me especially, is intentional. I am quite shy and I keep to myself a lot. [However] sharing experiences with all my friends over at the camp and being pushed to look beyond the fact that we are different but instead look forward to that difference, I [now] have a different outlook on my school [and] social life in Malaysia.

I’m so happy I was among the chosen to come and represent INTI …This kind of fellowship and learning [that] we experienced should spread like a virus. I’m so grateful for all the friends too.We are all so different and if you don’t give it a chance you’ll never know how much someone can offer in your life.

Asaba Allen Rosette, DIYC 2016