The Movement

A diversity and inclusion movement by the youth

As a self-directed and organic social and educational movement, the DIYC Movement continuously engages and educates a wider audience on the importance of embracing diversity and practicing inclusion. The nature of the DIYC Movement being self-sustaining and self-renewing is characterised in the Movement being organised by the youth, run for the youth and for the benefit of the youth.

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Student Led Initiatives

Empowering youth to promote the concept of diversity and help build an inclusive society

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Authoring and Presentation of Working Papers and Resolutions

Our Programmes for DIYC Ambassadors; Past,Present and Future

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Be an Ambassador for Diversity and Inclusion

All participants in our programmes will emerge as DIYC Ambassadors, youth equipped with the skills and experience to drive the Movement by spreading the concepts of diversity and practice of inclusion into their own communities.

The mandate of DIYC Ambassadors goes beyond just embracing diversity and practising inclusion as an individual, but to take it to society at large as leaders/mentors or coaches in their corporations, public service, NGOs or as community leaders.

The DIYC Ambassadors are also responsible for keeping the Movement self-renewing by facilitating and supporting the Movement in training the next generation of DIYC Ambassadors.

News & Events

Smiling nurse in background set of diverse occupation profession

Learning to Harness Diversity

by Rehhahn Tudball  The month of January is always associated with new beginnings. And for many of us, it’s also about the “back to school” routine, when blissful school holidays end and the school term starts. Fittingly, this is also the month in which the world marks the International Day of Education on Jan 24.…

People Friendship Brainstorming Hand Teamwork Concept

Let’s Embrace Diversity

by Sarah Gad December 10 is observed around the world as Human Rights Day. The theme this year, “Youth Standing Up for Human Rights”, could not be more apt to remind the growing numbers of disillusioned and apathetic youths that we are never too young, insignificant or powerless to change the world.  In fact, the…


Respecting diversity in cultures, identities, beliefs, languages and values to create an inclusive society

By Sarah Gad December 10 is a day steeped in importance and significance for humanity. On this day in 1901 the first Nobel Prizes were awarded, becoming the ultimate recognition for future generations of great thinkers, leaders and scientists. Also on this day in 1998, humanity marked a new era of progression as the first…


Building a diverse and inclusive society towards a future of sustainable development

By Rehhahn Tudball United Nations Day is celebrated every year on the 24th of October. 74 years ago, 51 countries got together and decided to make the world a better place by promoting peace and cooperation among all nations.The world today has vastly changed since. Globalization has resulted in greater international and inter-regional competition with…

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