The DIYC Movement is driven and powered by its diverse members and alumni from ASEAN and all over the world. The Movement constantly attracts new participants to the cause through ongoing programmes organised by youths from the ASEAN region and globally. Our international community of DIYC Ambassadors go beyond just embracing diversity and practising inclusion as individuals, but spread the messages of the Movement to their respective communities, be it as leaders/mentors or coaches in their corporations, public service, NGOs or as community leaders. We are proud to count the DIYC Ambassador communities representing more than 30 countries as members of the DIYC Movement




The DIYC Movement is privileged to work with its core partners, past and present, who have shaped the Movement. Today, many of our partners continue to champion the concepts of diversity and exemplify the practice of inclusion.

The DIYC Movement is grateful to these educational institutes from across the world who have supported the Movement through their students involvement in DIYC related events and activities.

Participating Institutions