Biennial DIYC Conference™

The Biennial DIYC Conference™ is the flagship programme of the DIYC Movement and its major milestone that marks a two-year build-up beginning from the last DIYC Conference and culminating in the next DIYC Conference.

Each DIYC Conference is typically a three-day youth conference inspired by the Model United Nations proceedings (MUN procedure) that covers current issues such as global geo-politics, international relations and justice, as well as social and economic developments, participants will be given the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and test their leadership and debate skills on wide ranging issues as they deliver their case in public speeches, draft resolutions collaboratively, and arrive at consensus-based decisions.

Through these conference activities, the participants will experience the complexities of managing diversity in an environment where there are multiple stakeholders, each with a very diverging agenda shaped by their individual political, social and economic needs, which are typically deeply entrenched in their respective cultural and ethnic fabrics, as well as belief systems over the years.

The primary purpose of the DIYC Conferences is to create an environment where the participants can acquire the skills to overcome these complexities and arrive at consensus during the course of their interactions, deliberations and exchanges with one another throughout the conference, based on the concepts and practice of diversity and inclusion.

The participants are expected to hone and practice their skills of embracing diversity and practising inclusion through:

– Recognising and learning to harness the richness of diversity in opinions, ideas, beliefs and values among nations and societies;

– Managing individuals with deep-seated pre-conceived ideas, narrow perceptions of their world view and unbalanced strong emotions that impact interactions with the rest of the general population; and

– Practising open-mindedness, demonstrating empathetic leadership that empowers others to embrace, practice and promote the concept of diversity and inclusion in order to build bridges for economic progress and social peace across different cultural and ethnic groups, beliefs, backgrounds and different views of how we define our values in life.

Participants of the biennial DIYC Conferences will come out as role models and ambassadors of diversity and inclusion, equipped with the knowledge, skills and exemplary behaviours needed to promote the concept of diversity and help build an inclusive society.

Programme Liaison

Rehhahn Tudball

Secretary General of DIYC Conference 2020