DIYC Leadership Challenge™

The DIYC Leadership Challenge™, a leadership development programme inspired by the Everest Challenger®, is a group experiential training workshop focusing on individual leadership and team-building using the simulation of climbing the Mount Everest.

The workshop aims to prepare our DIYC ambassadors with leadership skills to lead a group of diverse individuals to achieve a common goal.

Set against the magnificent yet daunting backdrop of the world-famous mountain, participants are being challenged to conquer Mount Everest in a simulated and yet realistic setting.

Conducted by seasoned facilitators, the participants will ascend within an immersive simulation in controlled stages that are designed to test their planning skills, ability to build trust and cooperation among team members progressively, and thrust the participants, into position of leadership in a unconscious manner.

Summiting the “Peak” is always an emotional and memorable experience for all participants. Many DIYC Alumni have fond memories of the tension, difficulty, but ultimately rewarding feeling of completing this challenge.