DIYC Speakers Series™

The DIYC Speakers Series™ is a series of youth-driven webinars that provide a platform for them to share their real-life experiences and stories about their personal journeys.

In the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and safe distancing, the series of webinars serves as an interactive forum for youth to engage with both leading figures and among themselves on current social issues facing youth and society at large.

The theme for this year’s DIYC Speakers Series is “Diversity in Action” which sets the stage for how diverse perspectives and opinions from among our youths could be harnessed as a strength in our society to serve a common good.

Join us at our next DIYC Speakers Series™ event to learn from the diversity of opinions present and make your voice heard. Register your interest for this event with us today!

Upcoming Events

DIYC Leadership Series (I) – November 2020