The DIYC Speakers Series

The youth of today live in the golden digital age marked by increasing online capabilities and social media connectivity. Despite this, many youth still face great challenges in making their voices heard and understood.

An increasing number of youth lack opportunities to constructively engage with society on social issues 

Organised by the DIYC Movement, the DIYC Speakers Series aims to be the platform that promotes youth-led action and dialogue incorporating diversity and inclusion, with a vision of empowering youth to become the leaders of tomorrow.

What is the DIYC Speakers Series?

For you, about you and by you

Who can participate?

If you are eager and ready to engage with others in the spirit of diversity and inclusion, we encourage you to participate in this series! From undergraduates to working professionals, anyone with an open-mind are welcome!

Why should you participate in the DIYC Speakers Series?

Cheerful Indian guy choosing you. Welcoming young bearded man in white shirt pointing fingers at camera. Choice or selection concept

A Positive Platform for Your Voice

Speak up, learn and engage


Enrich Your Perspectives

Hear from society leaders and peers

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Networking and Leadership Opportunities

Engage meaningfully with panellists, peers and the DIYC Movement

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Youth Communities –  Physically Distanced but Digitally Connected


The 21st century bears witness to a generation of youth that has harnessed the power of online communities to connect with each other, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. The DIYC Movement hopes to bring its conversation of diversity and inclusion to these online communities and empower youth leaders to have their voices heard by their peers and all segments of society.

We at the DIYC movement believe that the youth leaders are capable of utilising social media and other online tools to promote and champion the development of a diverse and inclusive digital community.


Date: 24th September 2021, 3pm – 5pm

Online Venue: Zoom Webinar

Close of Registration: 19 September 2021

Mr Muhammad Rehhahn bin Daniel Tudball

DIYC Movement

Diversity and Inclusion Advocate, Youth Leader, and UN Enthusiast. Rehhahn’s experiences as Youth President of the United Nations Association of Malaysia (UNAM) and Secretary-General of the DIYC Conference 2020 have motivated him to champion constructive discourse in the spirit of diversity and inclusion.

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