The youth of today live in the golden digital age marked by increasing online capabilities and social media connectivity. Despite this, many youth still face great challenges in making their voices heard and understood.

An increasing number of youth lack opportunities to constructively engage with society on social issues 

Organised by the DIYC Movement, the DIYC Speakers Series aims to be the platform that promotes youth-led action and dialogue incorporating diversity and inclusion, with a vision of empowering youth to become the leaders of tomorrow.

What is the DIYC Speakers Series?

For you, about you and by you

Who can participate?

If you are eager and ready to engage with others in the spirit of diversity and inclusion, we encourage you to participate in this series! From undergraduates to working professionals, anyone with an open-mind are welcome!

Why should you participate in the DIYC Speakers Series?

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A Positive Platform for Your Voice

Speak up, learn and engage


Enrich Your Perspectives

Hear from society leaders and peers

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Networking and Leadership Opportunities

Engage meaningfully with panellists, peers and the DIYC Movement

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Young Leaders and Youth Advocacy: Changemakers


Description: Recent decades have observed a surge in the number of youth that participate actively in addressing global and domestic issues. As youth advocates, they have represented the best interests of their fellow youth, cooperated with senior leaders in their respective communities, and spearheaded resolutions to complex socio-economic issues such as the lowering of the voting age. The DIYC Movement strives to empower future young leaders by helping them consider the value of youth activism and advocacy in the 21st century.


Date: 18 December 2021, 3pm – 5pm

Online Venue: Zoom Webinar

Close of Registration: 12 December 2021

Mr Muhammad Rehhahn bin Daniel Tudball

DIYC Movement

Diversity and Inclusion Advocate, Youth Leader, and UN Enthusiast. Rehhahn’s experiences as Youth President of the United Nations Association of Malaysia (UNAM) and Secretary-General of the DIYC Conference 2020 have motivated him to champion constructive discourse in the spirit of diversity and inclusion.

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Mr Mr. Muhammad Asyraf

Business Development, New Energy, PETRONAS

Since joining PETRONAS in 2012, Mr. Muhammad Asyraf’s extensive portfolio includes engineering and construction as well as being a founding member of the new energy business unit at PETRONAS. His expertise is in strategy and business development, which includes techno-commercial development for Renewable Energy Projects covering Solar, Wind, and Storage systems in Asia Pacific markets.

Ms. Janak Preet Kaur

Human Resource Coordinator, Malaysian Youth Delegation

Ms. Janak Preet Kaur is an advocate for sustainability who actively engages with young Malaysians on sustainability-related issues. From working as a Sustainability Executive at Sunway Sustainability Solutions, to being a PhD Candidate at Monash University, Ms. Janak has left her mark on the Malaysian Youth Community as a change-maker in her field. Her commitment to environmental, social, and economic stability has led her down a path that has allowed her to broaden her own perspective about the rapidly changing socio-economic climate that Malaysians currently live in.

Mr. Al Asyraf

Director and Spokesperson, Cerebral Palsy Association Johor 

As an outgoing and people-oriented individual, Mr Al Asyraf has committed himself to raising awareness as well as empowering those that have cerebral palsy. He believes that the socioeconomic landscape of Malaysia must acknowledge that an individual’s ability to function does not get stripped away purely because of one’s disability.

Mr. Dinesh Jayabalan

Unliever Global Graduate Trainee – HR, Unilever

As a long-time public speaker and youth advocate, Mr. Dinesh Jayabalan has shared his experiences and perspectives through renowned platforms such as TedX and Toastmasters. His inquisitive mind and burning passions have led him to the Unilever Future Leader Program, where he is currently serving his first rotation as an Unilever Global Graduate Trainee – HR.


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