Today, social media platforms serve as a way for youths globally to voice their opinions, learn more and to engage with each other. Sadly, it has also become a double-edged sword, where intolerant views, negative agendas and ‘trolls’ with fake news run rampant.

The lack of empowering opportunities that make the youths feel heard and understood, on a platform that constructively and effectively engages with society at large, has become a rapidly growing issue for youths everywhere.

The inaugural DIYC Speakers Series is aimed to promote how positive dialogue can empower youth-led action with the aim of creating an increasingly diverse and inclusive society, and in turn fuelling our mission of empowering youth to become the leaders of tomorrow.

What is the DIYC Speakers Series?

For you, about you and by you

Engage with a diverse panel of society leaders on current social issues facing the youth and wider community during this series of quarterly youth-driven webinars!

Each session will explore a different topic that concerns the youth of today. You will be able to engage with speakers and other participants to share and discuss different views on social issues, with a willingness to understand and accept differing or conflicting positions

This year’s inaugural DIYC Speakers Series focuses on the theme “Diversity in Action” which will set the stage by focusing on how diverse perspectives and opinions from the world’s future leaders, can be harnessed for the common good of our society.

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In preparation for the DIYC Conference 2022, the exciting and invigorating discussions that take place during the DIYC Speakers Series will help to frame the issues set for all council sessions during the conference.

By being a part of this Speakers Series, you will also have the chance to be chosen as a DIYC Ambassador for the DIYC Conference 2022. The DIYC Movement is always on the lookout for promising and energetic individuals who can assist in the preparation and build-up to the conference, all while promoting the concepts of diversity and inclusion throughout society.

Who can participate?

If you are eager and ready to engage with others in the spirit of diversity and inclusion, we encourage you to participate in this series! From undergraduates to working professionals, anyone with an open-mind are welcome!

Why should you participate in the DIYC Speakers Series?

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A Positive Platform for Your Voice

In order to help empower youths and to provide a positive platform for your opinions and thoughts, the DIYC Speakers’ Series is completely free. Our mission is to help you to speak up, learn and engage with others in a positive and conducive way!


Enrich Your Perspectives

Learn from and participate in a lively debate with leading speakers from youth groups, grassroots communities, MNCs & SMEs, civil service, NGOs and more!

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Networking and Leadership Opportunities

Interact with panelists and fellow participants to experience first-hand the power of diversity and inclusion in society today, and have the opportunity to be chosen as a DIYC Ambassador!

Upcoming DIYC Speakers Series session

Topic: The Youth as Catalysts of Sustainability: The Decade of Action

Description: The United Nations aims to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals worldwide by 2030. In this “Decade of Action” we are living in, how can  the youth of Malaysia rise to the challenge of championing sustainable change? In the second of our DIYC Speakers Series events, we invite our esteemed panellists and audience to share their thoughts on what it means to be a catalyst of global sustainability. 

Date & Time: 19 June 2021, 3pm – 5pm

Online Venue: Zoom Webinar

Close of Registration: 13 June 2021

Mr Muhammad Rehhahn bin Daniel Tudball

DIYC Movement

Diversity and Inclusion Advocate, Youth Leader, and UN Enthusiast. Rehhahn’s experiences as Youth President of the United Nations Association of Malaysia (UNAM) and Secretary-General of the DIYC Conference 2020 have motivated him to champion constructive discourse in the spirit of diversity and inclusion.

Ms Claire Sancelot

Founder & CEO, The Hive Bulk Foods Zero Waste Store

Ms. Claire Sancelot is the Founder & CEO of The Hive, a social enterprise that allows its products to embody the spirit of sustainability. Currently, they are Southeast Asia’s biggest supplier of sustainable feminine products and run weekly workshops on healthy zero waste living. She believes in a future that is built on the pillars of sustainable business and lifestyle choices.

Ms Chong Yin Wei

Head of Solutions Mapping (Accelerator Lab), United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Malaysia

Ms. Chong Ying Wei is the Head of Solutions Mapping at UNDP Malaysia’s Accelerator Lab. Dedicated to engaging with grassroots communities, she leads the charge towards establishing a culture of sustainable thought amongst individuals who have unique ideas. She seeks to realise a reality where ideas, communities, and policy decisions are supported by the principles that the SDGs carry.

Ms Sofea Farida

Founder, EcoGarage


Ms. Sofea Farida is the Founder of EcoGarage, a company tasked with the mission of combatting plastic pollution. Currently based at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, they are currently establishing the use of open source community recycling machines pioneered by the Precious Plastics initiative. She envisions a future where communities across Malaysia will be able to take environmental sustainability into their own hands.

Registration for this DIYC Speakers Series event has closed, see you at the next DIYC Speakers Series event!

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